2002 Wholesale Price List* - Landscape Stone

StoneUSA, a division of Stone Lawn Products, LLC. , offers high quality wholesale Lannon limestone for landscaping: Flagstone, Outcroppings, Wallstone, Pavers, Steps and more. You will find on this web site very attractive pricing since the stone is direct from the quarry. We encourage our customers to compare our prices - our prices include handeling, palletizing, banding, wrapping, and loading - there are no hidden costs There is a 10 ton minimum limit (note: a semi load maximum is 24 ton), which is not difficult to achieve when working with natural stone. If you need less than 10 ton we incourage you to visit a local stone yard.

Please note that the prices do not include shipping. All shipments are COD. We can deliver to any place in the United States. All prices include palletizing, banding and/or plastic wrapping as long as 3500-4500lbs pallet weight is used.

Lannon Limestone is considered one of the hardest and most dense limestones in North America. It is know through the US by masons and landscapers for this reason. As you can see from the table below, the properties of Lannon Limestone far exceed ASTM standards required for limestone building stone.

Properties of Lannon Limestone
Value ASTM Std
 Density 171.0 lbs/cu ft 160 lbs/cu ft
Compressive Strength 30,000 psi 8,000 psi
Modulus of Rupture 3600 psi 1000 psi
Water Absorption 0.95% 3.0%
Abrasion Resistance 25.0 hardness 10 hardness
Flexural Strength 3,200  no standard



Approximate tons required can be calculated by length x width x height x 171 pounds, divide this by 2000.
Shipping is not included in prices shown
Minimums do apply - typically 10 tons
No exchanges or returns
Prices are subject to change - please call for up-to-date pricing
All shipments are COD