Direct From the Quarry

We sell a lot of fieldstone cobbles and boulders - only be the truckload. This is Wisconsin granite that has been tumbled smooth by glacier advancements. We have excellent colors. We sell throughout the US to stone yards, garden centers, and landscapers.

Fieldstone Boulders
Characteristics Great for walls, ponds and 
landscaping highlights
Nicely shaped for stacking
Color Beautiful Colors
Various: Dark Blue, Gray,
Reds, Light Blue, Purple
These are not "browns"
Coverage Square Feet per Ton
4-8"        35 sq.ft/ton
8-12"     28 sq.ft/ton
12-18"   15 sq.ft/ton
18-24"   10 sq.ft/ton
24-36"     8 sq.ft/ton
These dimensions are approximate

Other Photos:

8-18" fieldstone
fieldstone wall 2
fieldstone wall 3
Parking Lot 1
Parking Lot 2
fieldstone wall 4
fieldstone wall 5
fieldstone wall 6
fieldstone wall 7
fieldstone wall 8
fieldstone wall 9
fieldstone wall 10

Shipping is not included in prices
Pricing is subject to change
This is bulk shipping - not in pallet.
Dimensions are approximate sizes. Coverage is based on estimates.