Wisconsin Landscaping Aggregates/Gravel
Direct From the Quarry

Wisconsin landscape aggregates/gravel direct from the quarry. Most of our aggregates are fractured stone. This stone stays locked in place much better since more surfaces of the stones are in contact. You will notice our Wisconin Rubies are a brillant red. This is not rotten granite. This is much better and will hold up much longer. Well sell our aggregates by the truckload to Stone Yards, Garden Centers and Landscapers. Are prices are very competive and our quality is extremely high. If you are looking for a truckload of stone - call us.

Wisconsin Ruby Red Granite
Sizes 3/8,   ¾,   1 ½,  2 ¼,  6"
Coverage 6 square feet,  2" deep per ton
Color Ruby Red specked with blue
Surface fracture stone

Wisconsin Red Granite
Other Photos:

Close-up 1
red granite 2
red granite 3
red granite 4
red granite 5
Close-up 2
red granite 6
red granite 7
red granite 8

This stone does not come palletized or bagged - only bulk
Dimensions are approximate sizes. Coverage is based on estimates.
Prices shown do not include shipping